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Mufasa Mandala Sticker

Mufasa Mandala Sticker

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A reproduction of my original painting "Mufasa". Weatherproof decal will look great on your laptop, water bottle, bumper or journal.




  • Wisdom
  • Power
  • Courage
  • Royalty

The Lion is a symbol of strength and wisdom. The animal of the sun helps to keep an even mind and have the authority over the subconscious thoughts. 

Animals like lions who are crepuscular are creatures who are most active during twilight. This means lions do their best and busiest work during the times of dusk and dawn. This is big juju. Countless cultures – from Celtic to Native American – view twilight as magical, mystical moments in time. Why? Because it is liminal. That’s a fancy word that means “neither here, nor there.” Liminal is the space in-between. On a deep, symbolic level, the space in-between represents 100% pure potential. It’s a place in time where anything can happen.  So here we have the first lesson from the lion.  As you are working, try to put yourself in a suspended state…a state of mind that is open to all ideas an opportunities. It’s a cool way to produce inspired, creative work.

lion is considered by many ancient cultures to be a solar animal symbol  And yet, it is also hailed as a lunar animal.

Specifically, the male lion represents the sun in various cultures, and the female lioness is associated with the moon.