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Monkey Mandala Sticker

Monkey Mandala Sticker

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A reproduction of my original painting "Monkey Realm". Weatherproof decal will look great on your laptop, water bottle, bumper or journal.




  • Honor
  • Confidence
  • Community
  • Playfulness
  • Creativity


Monkeys bring messages of intelligence, intensity, and involvement.

In their social habitats, monkeys display amazing depths of compassion, understanding, and bonding. 

When it comes to interactions with other animals, the monkey can be erratic, threatening, and defiant. This demonstrates defensiveness and reactivity. Monkeys can represent both change and resistance to change. 


In the Chinese zodiac, the monkey represents versatility, movement, and activity. 

The Indian Hindu god Hanuman is associated with the monkey. He is worshipped as a divine protector and an embodiment of strength. The mere mention of his name is said to dispel and remove negativity.

In Mayan Symbology the monkey held a place of great honor. It was considered to be a silver-tongued talker – meaning, a great orator – one who can speak with grace and persuasion. The Mayan’s also revered the monkey as an artist. In both instances, the monkey in Mayan ideology reinforces the idea of alacrity in expression, and intense creative productivity.